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Manifest-Destiny. Scratcher. 65 posts. Freefalling - A Marvel AU Fanfiction. Chapter 2: Clint sat next to the girl in a depressed lump. He glanced at the bumpy net and sighed guiltily. This time, he would definitely get in trouble. One time, he had hidden chocolate in the vents and it melted into Natasha's room. Search: Avengers fanfiction peter scared of tony. He hadn't known what happened until he looked to see Tony's arm sticking out towards him, and he paled as he realized 7K likes Tony Stark adopts Peter Parker and everything had been going okay; they adapted to the new surroundings and The archer behind firmly grips it tight as it was aiming towards the target com is an archive of Harry Potter. Search: Avengers Fanfic Peter Homeless. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites peter parker [36] phil coulson [227] Whatever you chose to call it, it had consequences beyond imagination Starring: Robert Downey Jr It felt nice, having something warm draped over my legs It felt nice, having something warm draped over my legs. note: i hope you meant the powers to be reader's hair bc that's what i used it as lmao. also i used the gif because this is kinda how rocket got smacked with your hair. thank you for requesting<3 warnings: kissing, curse words peter parker x reader. summary: something like request^ The swooshing of the broom and the melody of a random song played through the speakers of your tailor shop. Peter ’s teacher thinks Peter is turning into a drug dealer, but hey, getting mistaken for a drug lord is not actually the worst thing Tony has been accused of so you know, chill, Pepper. Flash knows there’s something up with Peter Parker . He knows. There’s no way he actually has an internship with Tony Stark. Which people knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man before Mysterio revealed his identity. ... if you really don't want to deal with a really mad Ancient One chasing you down just flatten Kamar Taj with the Power Stone and grab the Time Stone from the remains, I doubt an Infinity Stone would be destroyed by an attack that wasn't even directly. LF a Peter Parker allergy fic involving mint and ends up being unable to breathe? Lost Fic. I hadn't read very far, but from what I remember: Peter is at a party/gala for Tony Stark. He drinks Tony's drink which has weird leaves in it. Peter has an allergic? reaction and becomes unable to breathe. Lots of medical jargon, I believe he gets. Being the son of Jefferson 'Mad Hatter' Hatter, Jax was used to people behaving strangely around him. ... wait.. so you're mr. tony stark's cousin? that, i am. BASED ON CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR AND THE CHARACTERS OF SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING | highest rank: #2 in fanfiction, #2 in tom holland, #1 in peter parker cover by @BonitaRogue. Mikayla. Peter Parker Vs Flash Basketball Scene The Amazing Spider Man 2012 Movie Clip Hd The supplement is published from Monday to Friday Browse and share the top Avengers Fanfiction GIFs from 2021 on Gfycat Wonka Edibles Any fanfiction featuring our favorite heroes is welcome Peter Welch's Gym 371 Dorchester Avenue Boston, MA 02127 P 617-269-4641. Perhaps the best reason that Peter shouldn't become the new Iron Man is that he needs to further develop as the MCU's first Spider-Man. Referencing Into The Spider-Verse, Peter B. Parker told Miles Morales during a pivotal scene "don't do it like me. Do it like you." If Tony could, he'd undoubtedly encourage his protege and surrogate son to do. "The Adventures of Peter Parker " and Shuri by aceschwarz222. T'Challa must spend two weeks at the Avengers Compound working on an agreement with Tony Stark in light of Wakanda opening its borders and resources. He brings along his sister, Shuri, who meets the equally nerdy Peter Parker . Peter Parker & Shuri Peter Parker & Shuri Peter .. spiderman. femalepeterparker. +22 more. # 2. The run of Penny Parker by Trà Nguyễn Thanh. 5.5K 89 22. Return to a world where everyones seem to have move on, Penny doesn't knows how to adapt. No one seem to need her, five years and she. Peter goes away happily. When he later sees Tony again a few days later at the tower, the Avengers are all gathered together in the common area having a team bonding day. Tony adresses Peter while the others are busy talking among themselves. "Oh Peter before I forget, I got you Netflix like you asked.". Reilly is killed while saving Parker, in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #75 (Dec. 1996), and his body immediately crumbles into dust, confirming Reilly was the clone. [76] In issue #97 (Nov. 1998) of the second series titled Peter Parker: Spider-Man , [77] Parker learns his Aunt May was kidnapped by Norman Osborn and her apparent death in The Amazing. Steve is captain America working with shield/Howard stark. Howard gives omega!tony to alpha!steve. Tony doesn't know Steve is captain America at first. just that he's a high ranking captain who goes away for shield often. Tony expects Steve to treat him bad, and be mad at the stuff he does while Steve is gone, but Steve is just happy he's. Everyone thought he had given up, or better yet, had died.Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure Angst and Hurt/Comfort Angst with a Happy Ending Hurt Peter Parker Whump Kidnapped Tony Stark Kidnapped Peter Parker Protective Tony Stark Fluff Surgery Peter always kept his shirt on.Black Panther Shuri (Marvel) After the Civil War. 5 Times Peter Thought Tony Was Mad caraminha Summary: ... and one time he actually was. (That trope we all know and love!) Set a few months after Aunt May's death where Tony is Peter's legal guardian. Navigating a new life together and settling into being father and son is a rollercoaster - falling in love with the kid? Easy. 1 day ago · Search: Avengers X Depressed Reader. Loki X Male Reader on this page you will find official download links for Avengers Box MTK Module V0 Keep reading Deku X Depressed Reader Self-harm is poorly understood in society and people who self-harm are often subject to stigma and hostility | Tags: heechul you hangeng reader depressed inserts With glittery colors Reality,. Peter took a deep breath and Tony realized what he had just said, what he had just asked of Peter. To wear the Iron Spider suit again, to put that on right now, would mean he'd have to relive Titian a whole new way, to accept what had happened to him there, to say it wasn't anything he couldn't move on from. Peter Parker and Mj get together. What about Peter's friend who secretly has liked since she first met him. He has his secret identity and so does she. When her hearts gets broken and turns evil will Peter Parker realize in time or stay with Mj and leave her to a broken heart. (I made Mj a little b. Manifest-Destiny. Scratcher. 65 posts. Freefalling - A Marvel AU Fanfiction. Chapter 2: Clint sat next to the girl in a depressed lump. He glanced at the bumpy net and sighed guiltily. This time, he would definitely get in trouble. One time, he had hidden chocolate in the vents and it melted into Natasha's room. Completed October 29, 2018 Ariel is my love. Fanfiction Short Stories. Peter and Harley are Tony Stark and Steve Rogers' adopted sons. Peter, being slightly older, is seen as the adult. He gets less attention. When Peter gets bitten, no-one notices. When Peter gets perfect scores and gets into MIT, no-one notices. Peter Parker & Tony Stark; Characters: Peter Parker; Tony Stark; Steve Rogers; ... This entire fic was inspired by the The Scene when Peter is stuck. Watching him during that scene made me realize that he's just a kid under that suit. ... Tony could hear Peter wheezing into the comm. and it was the most painful thing to listen to. “Let him go!”. If you can't fix what's broken then you'll go insane" Or in which Tony Stark's past mistake catches up with him in the form of a d... Browse . Browse; Paid Stories; Editor's Picks; The Wattys ... Mad Max (Tony Stark's daughter fanfic) Mad Max (Tony Stark's daughter fanf... revengonss. Reads. Reads 172,366. 172,366 172K. Votes. Votes 4,935. The events leading up to the embarrassing moments during the Doomed Field trip, and how Peter Parker accidentally ended up in charge of things. All the while the political machine moves on, the Avengers do not kiss and make up, and the future draws ever closer. Notes:. Search: Avengers Fanfiction Peter Gym Class. Use Canva's collection of free, customizable book cover templates to design a brilliant cover for your next best-seller So she’s on her own Browse through and read avengers x reader fanfiction stories and books a conversation in gym class Firmasøk Adressesøk Kjørerute And it really is And it really is. "FRIDAY, once he gets to his lab, start his playlist on low volume and keep the lights low #8 - Peter Grill and The Philosopher's Time08-17-2018 Peter and Tony Goede gitaristen Van huiskamer tot zaal Harry Potter Fic Rec (7-15-2011) Harry Potter/The Addams Family Fic Rec (7-29 Tony Tutors Steve Tony Tutors Steve. #peter parker #tony stark #fan. 7 hours ago · Tony hurts peter fanfic. 5 times Tony helped with Peter's fear's, and 1 time he was the fear. Feeling Scared. Tony Stark is a gardener. He started pacing the room. They storm the apartment in a raid and Loki is found huddled with his daughter in a bathtub. New Ultimates 2 Issues 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 See Also 6 Links and References 6. Peter Parker & Tony Stark; May Parker (Spider-Man) & Peter Parker; Peter Parker; May Parker (Spider-Man) Ben Parker; Tony Stark; Hurt No Comfort; Angst; Sad Ending; Sad; Angry Peter Parker; Villain Peter Parker; Dark Peter Parker; Emotional Hurt; you want to cry? Read this. this is the author trying to get back into writing; I’m sorry;. He spent the next hour trying to block out the sounds of Peter's sobs as his tears slowly, painfully, dried up. By the end, Tony only had to suffer through the occasional sniffle. Each one bit like a knife. "Here!" The billionaire exclaimed, spinning around with the souped-up hearing aids held in outstretched hands. Basically loads of Tony being a Helicopter Parent to our precious Peter Parker . Requests welcomed! ... spiderman avengers angst boyxboy agegap tony peter fluff gay fanfiction love . 39 Stories. Sort by: Hot. ... strong> falling in love with Peter Parker romantically. Tony Stark Prompt: Tony is having a panic attack/really hard time/freaking. But, Peter was probably just being overly sensitive. Happy looked behind him to check that Peter was still behind him, the kid was walking, watching his shoes. Something was up. Something he would leave Tony to deal with. He was not paid enough to deal with teenage angst. Tony met them in the lobby when they walked inside. Hi can I request a peter parker x barnes-Rogers reader (steve and Bucky's daughter) and me and Peter find out I'm pregnant with Peter's baby and we try to keep it a secret but everyone is suspicious of us cause I've been really poorly lately and Peter is being overprotective and one day Peter accidentally says "don't do that it could hurt the baby" or "and everyone freaks out and me, Peter and. Sick Peter Parker; Language: English Collections: Peter Parker’s Field Trip Fics, peter parker and his field trips, Peter Parker Stories, peter parker’s field trip to stark industries, Field Trips to SI, literally every fic i've ever read, Peter Parker Field Trip (Mostly SI Tower) and other stories Stats: Published: 2021-03-28. Heir To My Company. Peter Parker-Stark, stood in the entrance of Stark towers, accompanied by ten or twenty high schoolers. Pete had dreaded this day for months if not years, all because Tony had told him, that he in fact would be going on the trip no matter what. The trip was normal so far, none of the Avengers had showed up, nor had Karen or. Tony Yells at Peter . Mar 4, 2015 — I'm hurt too so it isn't a reason to reject me like that!", suddenly he yells at you. Agent Skye Hayes is the youngest SSR agent working for the army in the 1940s. Sitting in the middle of the polished granite kitchen of Tony Stark is the runaway Avengers. Tom Holland/ Peter Parker: Lost In Japan (moodboard):Tom x you. ... Tony's Heart Collab (fanart): Avengers Assemble Tony. World's Gone Mad (moodboard): Endgame Avengers. Natasha Romanoff: ... "Stargazing with Peter" for rileywrites-parker. SteveTony Secret Santa 2017 (fanfic): for wingheadshellhead. WinterIronShield Bang 2017 (fanart. A couple beats pass; the room is filled to the brim with silence. And then a fit of stunned lovesick giggles replaces the silence. It takes a couple minutes, but Peter is the first to gather himself, a few laughs bubbling through his words as he wipes the hysterical tears from his eyes, "God, I love you.". Infinity starts with you & ends with me by @peter-stank . 40. 5 times Tony Stark ignored Peter Parker (but not for very long) by umbrafix. 41. Spider-Baby Mama by PinkEasterEggs. 42. 5 Times Peter is Stuck with Tony by @iron-spider. 43. He Doesn't Know That We Know by questionmark007. 44. 5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud by. LF a Peter Parker allergy fic involving mint and ends up being unable to breathe? Lost Fic. I hadn't read very far, but from what I remember: Peter is at a party/gala for Tony Stark. He drinks Tony's drink which has weird leaves in it. Peter has an allergic? reaction and becomes unable to breathe. Lots of medical jargon, I believe he gets. A baby compared to the other Avengers. (See the end of the work for more notes.) Chapter 1 Summary: During a battle, Peter gets injured and Tony freaks out...just a little. Chapter Text 1 Tony had thought Peter would have learned his lesson by now. 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